Catering Service General Conditions

Just some things we would like you to know...


1. A minimum of 50 guests are required to book on Traditional Buffet and BBQ Buffet Menus.

2. We require a 25% non-refundable deposit upon booking your event.

3. The deposit will be credited towards your final bill, due one week before the scheduled event.

4. We also require a guaranteed guest count one week prior to your event,

5. Please adhere to all times confirmed. 
6. Prices are subject to change due to market prices.

7. Prices are subject to 7% Meals Tax.

8. Something Special Catering cannot accept credit card payments at this time. We do accept personal checks.

9. Orders may be arranged to be picked up hot or oven-ready at our Granby location.

10. Travel fees may apply for deliveries at your location. Depends on distance. 


11. Set-up and Service of meal will be charged $25.00 per server per hour. Minimum of three hours.

12. Chafing racks, Sterno  and utensils will be charge a handling fee.  $15.00 per set.


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