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Green Farm


Esselon Coffee

Hadley, MA

Esselon Coffee Roasting Co is an award-winning, artisanal, small-batch coffee roaster. With a solid 10 years roasting experience, Esselon emphasizes Direct and Fair Trade coffees, supporting progressive economics in regional communities to develop some of the finest coffee beans grown on the planet. The Esselon roaster is a 1969 Gothot, a classic drum roaster that’s been in continuous use for nearly 50  years. 


Double C Ranch

Granby, MA

Double C Ranch is currently the only Registered Texas Longhorn Beef producer in Massachusetts. Texas Longhorn Beef is known for its superior flavor and exceptional nutritional benefits. Texas Longhorn cattle are also known to graze on other greens in addition to grass. Charlotte and Guy believe that this contributes to their unique flavor.

Double C.PNG

McCray's Farm

South Hadley, MA

Family owned and operated, McCray's opened their pasteurizing pant in July of 2013. Their milk is GMO hormone free and VAT pasteurized giving it a rich creamy taste even at 1%, 2%, and skim. For those who enjoy a fresh glass of ice cold milk, the is nothing more wholesome and refreshing than McCray's milk.


North Hadley Sugar Shack

North Hadley, MA

The Sugar Shack, owned and operated by the Boisvert family, makes 100% pure Maple Syrup-- tapped and produced here in Western Mass. They believe that Massachusetts grown and fresher is an honest fact.

Sugar Shack.PNG

Ludlow Central Bakery

Ludlow, MA

Ludlow Central Bakery is a Portuguese, American bakery offering a wide variety of home-baked specialties including breads, pastries, pies and cakes. For over 42 years, their family of bakers has provided families and guests with quality baked goods.

Ludlow Central Bakery.jpg

North Country Smokehouse

Claremont, NH

As one of the America’s few remaining, family-owned smokehouses, North Country’s mission is to handcraft premium, artisanal smoked meats with relentless flavor focus, exceptional animal care standards, and respect for the land. Voted America’s Top 10 Best Bacons by Men’s Journal, New England’s Best Meat by Yankee Magazine, and The Best Bacon in America by Food & Wine.

North Country.jpg

Maple Valley Creamery

Hadley, MA

The Maple Valley Creamery was founded by award winning farmers who believe that quality ice cream should be made using fresh milk and cream from local cows. By purchasing this product, you are helping to sustain open spaces, local dairy farms, and a time-honored way of life. Maple Valley ice cream is all natural and gluten free as well as egg and egg emulsifier free, creating a super smooth and delicious ice cream.

Mill Valley.png

Little Leaf Farms

Devens, MA

Little Leaf Farms is proud to have built the most technologically-advanced, lettuce growing greenhouse in the world with the freshest, best tasting baby lettuces available in New England.

Little Leaf.jpg
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